Worked All Ku's Award
iThe hKuh contacts on or after April 1 2010 are valid. j

May be claimed for having contacted (heard) and received a QSL card from an amateur station located in each of all the Ku(=Ward) of Japan that are in existance on the day when the final contact (reception) claimed for the award is made.
A list of QSL cards should be arranged in order of Ku reference number, however names of city may be omitted.
* Ku means an administrative unit (=ward) in the government designated cities in Japan (except the 23 special-ward in Tokyo Metropolitan Government).
For example, Osaka city and Yokohama city, etc. are divided into several Ku's.
You can download the list of Japan's all Kus. Please click Ku in the left flame page.

The government designated cities in JapaniApril,1,2010j
(except the 23 special-ward in Tokyo Metropolitan Government)

City Name City No. Ku's
Area Map
City Name City No. Ku's
Area Map
Yokohama 1101 18 Sendai 0601 5
Nagoya 2001 16 Chiba 1201 6
Kyoto 2201 11 Saitama 1344 10
Osaka 2501 24 Shizuoka 1801 3
Kobe 2701 9 Sakai 2502 7
Kitakyushu 4021 7 Niigata 0801 8
Sapporo 0101 10 Hamamatsu 1802 7
Kawasaki 1103 7 Okayama 3101 4
Fukuoka 4001 7 Sagamihara 1110 3
Hiroshima 3501 8 Kumamoto 4301 5