General Rules

We changed the GCR rule in our award rules. Now we do not need two amateurs' verification so called GCR as we trust your (applicant's) oath that you have all QSL cards of the contacts listed is a must.
  1. JARL awards will be issued to amateur stations and SWLs.
  2. Each claim must be accompanied by a QSL Card List furnished with the callsigns of stations worked (heard), dates, bands and modes of the contacts (receptions) meeting the requirments of the award concerned. The form of list will be specified, when required, in the rules of each award.
  3. Each list must be accompanied by a statement of the applicant himself/herself making an oath that the QSL cards of the contacts listed are in the possession of the applicant and that the items of the cards are correctly listed.
  4. Fees

    Japan Foreign Paypal
    Members Non-Members



    16 IRCs /
    US$(Equivalent to 2,000JPY)
    Award fee
    500JP-Yen 1,000JP-Yen 8 IRCs /
    US$(Equivalent to 1,000JPY)
    Sticker fee
    Plaque WACA
    5,000JP-Yen 10,000JP-Yen 10,000JPY /
    US$(Equivalent to 10,000JPY)

      ❉ Request
          If you use the PAYPAL, please contact by e-mail to JARL.

      〇 Please contact by e-mail to JARL when you want to transfer from bank.
          If you use the payment by bank transfer, you are also requested to pay the bank charge
          at the recipient bank along with the award application fee.

  5. Applicants can request for maximum three of the following four endorsements:
  6. Only contacts (receptions) made on and after July 29, 1952 will be acceptable.
  7. Only contacts with land stations (including mobile stations on a river or lake) will be acceptable. Those with maritime and aeronautical stations, however, will be acceptable for the 50MHz-100, 144MHz-100, 430MHz-100, 1200MHz, 2400MHz, 5600MHz, 10GHz, 24GHz, 47GHz, 75GHz and VU-1000 awards.
  8. Only contacts with amateur stations authorized by the administration will be acceptable. Contacts with the Far East Military Auxiliary Stations in Japan will not be acceptable.
  9. All contacts must be made on land (river/lake) within the same Entity.
  10. All correspondence should be sent to:

       ❉ Note
          ◈ Please note that you don't need to send the QSL cards.
          ◈ eQSL ▪▪▪ If you can print received eQSL, we can accept it.
          ◈ LoTW ▪▪▪ We can accept LoTW confirmation as a QSL.
              (assuming RST report or equivalent is implicitly included in the LoTW confirmation.)  

    Japan Amateur Radio League - Award Desk
    3-43-1 Minamiotsuka, Toshima, Tokyo 170-8073, JAPAN

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